About me

Elena Kirillova.

Artist, mosaicist.

Member of International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists AIMC (Ravenna).

I've been doing mosaics since 2009. But at some point, I asked myself: WHY? Why do we need a mosaic at all? Outdoor facilities, the walls of buildings and wet areas – here everything is clear. But does the mosaic have perspectives as an art form, and will it be able to get accustomed to the contemporary interior? The mosaic is a absolutely amazing kind of art, and it is important to use ALL of its power, including the volume and mosaic textures. I see the perspectives of modern mosaics in the creation of 3D objects.

To realize this idea, I developed my new author's technique, a mosaic of pieces of melted glass. Each glass element is melted manually. I use metals, charcoal, wood, different forms and compositions of glass in my work.

Mosaic for me is an opportunity to make life brighter. Any idea realized in a mosaic becomes juicier and more festive. Mosaics from smalt turn out colorful, with amazing positive energy. I like working with my hands, feeling the depth of colors, processing a tree, cutting smalt, always being surprised and enjoying the result.

I realize my ideas in pictures, objects of the interior, furniture.

I take part in various local and international exhibitions.

I give international mosaic workshops around the world.

Works are kept in private collections in Europe, USA, Turkey, Middle East, including orders for a member of the royal family of Jordan.


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