Mosaic pictures and panels, volumetric mosaic, figurines, furniture, decoration, clock. Smalt, mosaic, micromosaic. Contemporary mosaic. Done objects and artworks to order, Works for ready for use and at the stage of design rooms, Partnership with designers, Training, master-class organization.

Modern mosaic is an exciting and breathtaking world. A wide variety of opportunities, any forms and texture, limited only by your own imagination. Besides, mosaic works are very worksworks usable. Depending on base, artworks can be placed in dank rooms or outside, they are resistant to temperature changes and don't become pale in color as well as lose their forms.

I love mosaics and respect traditional techniques, but I try to do something new, something that raises a lot of questions. For me it's interesting to come up with new techniques. My new author's technique is a mosaic made of pieces of fused glass. Each glass element is melted manually. This everything is in combination with smalt and metals.

I use materials from the best world producers in my works, as the process and the result should bring happiness.