Elena Kirillova
Until the wind blows. 3d mosaic / micromosaic Author's technique Contemporary mosaic. Materials: smalt, glass.

Until the wind blows

3d mosaic / micromosaic

Author's technique

Materials: smalt, glass.

Size 55 × 55 × 4 cm

Weight 5.5 kg

The panel has a close-up image of a blue, fluffy dandelion on a white background. It's in its prime. How long will it last? Until the wind blows. This is the second work of the series «Time. Progression in one direction»
The beautiful stage of turning yellow into fluffy.
The work is made of pieces of smalt and glass. Each glass element is melted manually. Each smalt tesser is cut and pasted manually and securely glued to a special glue on a synthetic board.

Overview video:


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